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Scent awakens the senses, evoking emotions and memories.

Bloomy Lotus is a manufacturer of aroma diffusers and essential oils for fashion, lifestyle and wellness brands.

We work with our clients to incorporate scent into their product ranges, designing and developing custom diffusers tailored to their brand.

Our capacity to work with natural materials and wearable diffusion technology creates compelling products and intimate scent experiences to engage our client’s customers.

Offices in the USA and Hong Kong provide responsive global service to help your brand succeed in the aroma market.


  • 2002

    Created the world's first aroma diffuser. Entered the Japanese and European markets in the same year

  • 2005

    Launched Five Ssnse Aroma diffusers, based on concept of five senses thereapy

  • 2006

    Entered the US market

  • 2008

    Introduced natural materials to our aroma diffuser lineup

  • 2013

    Created industry's quietest difusers with our new ultrasonic technology. Petal and Dewdrop diffusers released to great success

  • 2016

    Released world's first essential oil nebuliser, which improve on ultrasonic technology by running cooler and removing the need for water

  • 2018

    Added double- and triple-nozzled nebulising diffusers, allowing users greater control over their aroma experience

  • 2021

    World's first anti-leak technology, enabling introduction of portable and wearable aroma diffusers


We believe in a harmonious life, one that balances the needs of the mind, body and spirit. Scent is part of that, as is nature, music and culture. We make our products to support this philosophy; we also engage with the community through supporting artists


We know aroma; our team has been developing industry leading aroma diffusers and essential oils for over twenty years. Our continual research and development makes our diffusers the most sophisticated and reliable in the industry, underpinned by our over 200 technology and design patents.


Our design team works closely with brands to create the perfect diffuser and oils. Customise a design from our extensive catalog to fit your brand, or we can work with you on original diffuser designs and essential oils made to your specifications.

  • Branded diffusers from our OEM catalog
  • Custom diffuser design and engineering
  • Bespoke essential oils


In-house manufacturing means fast turn-around times and high quality. From custom electronics to natural materials, we make each diffuser with pride and precision.

  • Custom electronics for app controlled / IOT diffusersg
  • Natural materials capabilities including wood, ceramic, resin and glass
  • In-house manufacturing for reliable oversight


Our end-to-end services make developing a product with us painless and efficient. We can support you the entire way, providing whatever services you need along the way including:

  • Certification for FCC, CE, ROHS & other
  • Quality assurance
  • Logistics and distribution