Transform the mundane journey to work or a hectic moment in traffic to a relaxing, rejuvenating experience with one of our beautifully-crafted, innovative Car Diffusers. Compact, unobtrusive and designed to last, Bloomy Lotus® has created the refillable diffusers to hold a blissful aroma that keeps your car fresh and your mood light!


"Clip and Drive"

Featuring a multi-faceted structure derived from natural crystal formations, this sleek

​​​​​​​Bloomy Lotus Crystal Car Diffuser resembles a perfectly cut crystal—reflective and shining like a diamond. Designed to blend seamlessly with the interior of any vehicle.

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This luxurious scent diffuser clips to your air vent easily and efficiently, releasing a dreamy aroma throughout your vehicle thanks to our innovative heat-free design.

Aromatherapy diffusers facilitates mental clarity, focus and calm and imbue you with a sense of well-being, making them the perfect accessory for your daily commute. While the natural essential oils purify the air, they also assist with eliminating harmful airborne bacteria and viruses.


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The high-performance aromatherapy diffuser CHASEN can be powered by a USB or cigarette lighter port, requiring just a few drops of your favorite essential oil to scent the air gently for your daily commute. Our car vent clip diffuser CHASEN STICK gradually releases essential oil into the air surrounding you. Even better, the refillable stick is easy to replace.


Travel doesn’t have to be stressful thanks to the Bloomy Lotus® Chasen Car Diffuser. Powered by a USB port or cigarette lighter, this high-performance diffuser infuses your daily commute with your favorite scent, promoting simultaneous relaxation while helping you focus. The natural essential oils purify the air, assisting in eliminating harmful viral bacteria. 

The innovative Chasen Aroma Diffuser features a hassle-free design, is
easy to use and keep clean and also includes replacement refill pads for you to add your essential oil on it enjoying a long-lasting aromatherapy experience, no matter where you go. 

This patented design is available in Space Grey and Silver. 


Transform a tiring or stressful commute into one of calm and relaxation. Slim, yet powerful, the state of the art Bloomy Lotus® Chasen Stick Car Clip Diffuser is inspired by the shape of bamboo and designed to imbue a wonderful scent throughout your vehicle quickly and efficiently. 

The innovative, sleek metal casing seamlessly fits on your car vent, allowing the air flow to release your favorite fragrance gently. Aromatherapy not only promotes a sense of serenity, but also enables mental clarity and acuity while driving. Even better, the natural essential oils permeating from the Chasen Stick Aroma Diffuser also help to kill airborne bacteria and viruses. 

It features a
hassle-free design, is easy to use and keep clean and also includes replacement refill stick for you to add your essential oil it enjoying a convenient aromatherapy experience, no matter where you go. 

Available in Space Grey and Silver.

So relax into the scent and let the road pass beneath you…