"Born to be Wild"

Bring a touch of whimsical delight your child's room with the Bloomy Lotus® three-in-one JungleFUN® Home Fragrance Collection! Designed to hold your little one’s imagination, these adorable friends are perfect storytime companions as you lay your little buddy down to sleep…

JungleFUN® Collection

A playful fox, a cuddly bear and a sweet bunny aromatherapy air diffuser are just the thing to inspire fun bedtime stories and even encourage your young one to create their own. Let these Jungle Fun animals set the mood for a calm and relaxing environment, moistening dry, chapped skin and soothing breathing as your baby drifts into dreamland. Our essential oil diffusers offer the best in pure and natural aromatherapy for you and your family.

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All the fun and adventures to enjoy in the jungle await!