Complete Harmony: Tranquil Mind & Healing Aromas, a Music Series by Bloomy Lotus®  

Give yourself space to breathe…


Relax, revive and uplift your spirit with the Bloomy Lotus® Music Series inspired by our refined aromatherapy treatments. Our concept is all about pairing our range of delicate aromas to specifically crafted musical experiences to relax your mind, spirit and body.

Introducing a beautiful new music compilation designed to stimulate the sense while reducing stress and enhancing feelings of well-being. Aromatherapy and music are two complementary approaches that will offer the listener deep relaxation while enhancing awareness of the present moment.

Imagine an overall feeling of peace, wellness and tranquillity enveloping your soul. This compilation is designed to return you to moments of pure spiritual and emotional bliss.

We hope you enjoy a reflective and relaxing voyage of music, together with the calming aromas offered exclusively by Bloomy Lotus®.

Track 01 Light


Timeless, evocative and reminiscent of pleasant days past


Delicately arranged and smoothly delivered, this balanced score featuring a piano and string ensemble delivers a calm, serene environment conducive to full relaxation and the release of negative thoughts and disruptive emotions.

Track 02 Illusion


The coming of spring and the cyclical nature of life like a ripple created by a drop of water.

Now imagine that sound rippling out in a gentle breeze across a tranquil expanse…


Beginning with quiet sound of a piano, we add strings that spread gradually but steadily like a ripple. Notice the cool breeze that shimmers delicately through natural sounds. This calming, expressive music compilation soothes the body and soul, allowing your mind and worries to float away in the wind to a soothing soundscape.

Track 03 Stillness


Elegant, nostalgic and ideal for recalling pleasant memories as your mind, body and spirit float through infinite space…


Take time to relax your mind and recall happy, nostalgic moments with this beautiful musical composition featuring piano, harp and clarinet. Harmonized to evoke lighthearted and expansive emotions, this series is perfect for dulcet, warm reflection as the music washes over you.