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Our extensive portfolio of patented technologies lets us create the perfect diffusers for your customers.

Deep Diffusion™

Our focussed atomisation technology allows for higher capacity ultrasonic diffusers, extending diffusion time by up to 50%

Silent Breeze™

Our pump diffusers are noise filtered and insulated, so they run nearly silent so that you can enjoy oil aromas in peace

Portable Diffusion

Our patented leak proof diffusion methods let us make portable and wearable diffusers so you can have the perfect scent wherever you go.

All Oils

Some essential oils are thicker than others - typical pump diffusers struggle to diffuse these. Our patented technology works with all kinds of essential oils, even the thickest ones

Natural Materials

Warm, textured natural materials can be the perfect complement to your aroma experience. We specialize in incorporating ceramic, wood, stone, resin and glass into diffusers, letting your diffusers create a tactile connection with your customers.

App Integration

We can integrate app control and help you develop your own branded apps to bring your customers complete control