"The Lotus, Leaf & Sky-Inspired Collection"

Natural forms paired with pure aromatherapy embody our sophisticated line of Ultrasonic Aroma Diffusers. Each sleek design is crafted to transform the atmosphere in your space with the click of a button. With its powerful mist, Bloomy Lotus® line of aroma diffusers emit a relaxing fragrance while also providing healthy humidification, helping you and your family to relax… and just breathe.

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Available in three elegant designs, the Bud, Leaf and Sky Ultrasonic Diffusers are atmospheric

and stylish yet minimalistic. Our aroma diffusers can blend seamlessly with your décor or standout

as a sleek art piece. Each innovative design is inspired by nature, featuring long misting times and soothing LED lights that create a sense of well-being and calm serenity.

Like our brand philosophy, we aim to help users heal and recover from their daily life stresses,

just as the elements support a flower’s growth. Bloomy Lotus® enhances one’s daily life through

beauty and serenity.


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So turn on one of these high-performance diffusers and give yourself room to breathe…