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Bloomy Lotus Classic Collection

Natural forms paired with pure aromatherapy embody our sophisticated line of Ultrasonic Aroma Diffusers. Each sleek design is crafted to transform the atmosphere in your space with the click of a button. With its powerful mist, Bloomy Lotus® line of aroma diffusers emit a relaxing fragrance while also providing healthy humidification, helping you and your family to relax… and just breathe.

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Available in three elegant designs, the Bud, Leaf and Sky Ultrasonic Diffusers are atmospheric

and stylish yet minimalistic. Our aroma diffusers can blend seamlessly with your décor or standout as a sleek art piece. Each innovative design is inspired by nature, featuring long misting times and soothing LED lights that create a sense of well-being and calm serenity.


Like our brand philosophy, we aim to help users heal and recover from their daily life stresses,

just as the elements support a flower’s growth. Bloomy Lotus® enhances one’s daily life through

beauty and serenity.


Inspired by nature, the Bloomy Lotus Bud Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser is a study in innovative design paired with high performance technology. This chic diffuser was inspired by the initial form of flowers which conceals the secret of life transformation. Like a lotus growing from a leaf, our design resembles an outgrowth of life in a new, elegant form—pure and untainted.

The mirrored base of the bud acts like a pond, reflecting the lotus flower while the warm lights penetrating from the Bud exudes life with a layer of mystery. That is also the philosophy of our brand— to enhances one’s daily life through beauty and serenity.The versatile Bud Aroma Diffuser spreads a pure fragrant mist into the air silently while emitting a warm color-changing glow from the integrated LED light to promote an atmosphere of complete serenity.

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bud diffuser
bud aroma diffuser

Designed to blend seamlessly with your home or office decor while also standing out as a decorative piece, based on your placement. The powerful, silent ultrasonic atomization features a large water tank, vaporizing essential oils and disperses relaxing scents over a generous interior area 45m2, making it ideal for larger spaces. The Bud features a 2 or 5 hours continuous operation mode, plus a 10-hour interval timing with an auto safety setting, so you can relax and enjoy the space to breathe from bedtime to awakening refreshed in the morning…Available in Space Grey or Whit.

The gorgeous, organically-inspired Bloomy Lotus® Leaf Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser combines the beauty of nature with the harmony of scent. Because the leaf is the essential part of a plant, symbolizing the energy between life and nature, our design incorporates contrasting materials for the body of the diffuser and the eye-catching metallic leaf motif. 

With the click of a button, the Leaf Diffuser can instantly transform your environment to one of healing relaxation and calm serenity. Featuring a large water tank, the Leaf Ultrasonic Diffuser has a large coverage space of 45m2. The beautiful design makes this diffuser a standout decorative piece as well with a variety of LED light options to set a relaxing ambience in your home or office. 

Designed to help balance the senses, this diffuser features powerful, silent ultrasonic atomization that vaporizes essential oils, dispersing the scent over a generous area at an interval of your choosing. The Leaf also offers a soothing misting option for easier breathing and operates for 2 or 4 hours in continuous mode or up to 8 hours in interval mode, based on your preference. 
Available in Space Grey.

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  • aroma diffuser


The sleek, minimalistic Bloomy Lotus® Sky Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser brings the serenity of aromatherapy to your space in a simple, yet innovative design. This large capacity aroma diffuser features a large water tank with powerful ultrasonic atomization that silently disperses your favorite essential oil into the air with coverage of up to 45m2. 

This Ultrasonic Sky Diffuser offers a long runtime of 2 or 4 hours in a continuous setting or at 8 hours in an interval mode, making it ideal for bedtime so you can wake feeling revived and refreshed

The elegant outer glass casing transitions from opaque to clear in a dreamy waft inspired by clouds in the sky and the integrated LED lighting brings a warm ambience to any space you desire. The Sky Aroma Diffuser also offers a hydrating misting option, helping you breathe comfortably while promoting a sense of calm well-being. 

Available in White.

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Inspired by the beauty found in nature, the Bloomy Lotus® Petite Acorn Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser infuses the gently rounded form of the budding acorn with the high-performance technology of our ultrasonic diffuser design.

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The subtle, silent ultrasonic atomization vaporizes your favorite essential oil scent over a generous interior area, operating for 2 or 4 hours in continuous operation mode with a 8-hour interval timing and an auto-safety setting if tipped over.

The versatile Petite Acorn diffuses your favorite aromatherapy silently while an integrated LED light at the body of the diffuser emits a warm, color-changing glow to promote an atmosphere of calm serenity.

Resembling the pure, organic seed of a resplendent oak tree, this ultrasonic diffuser adds a touch of playful, friendliness to your home or office décor while gently dispersing a refreshing, fragrant mist into the air. The modern design’s organic aesthetic features a beautifully-grained natural wood base and a subtly chic frosted glass top cover.

Easy to use, clean and add fragrance or water, the Petite Acorn Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser is the perfect addition to any room.